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FBrehab: Putting you in control of your time on facebook

Are you addicted to Facebook?
Are you constantly checking your phone for updates, liking your friends' comments and posting to your wall? Like any guilty pleasure, social media is fun in limited amounts.

But when it begins to interfere with your work, your friendships, and your life, it's time to get your Facebook addiction under control.

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FB Rehab gives you the power to stop just talking about life and start actually living it!

A few years ago, no one knew how serious Facebook addiction could be.

But today, with more than 1.19 billion people around the world using the social networking site on a regular basis, many people have been sucked into the draw of the always on and always active online community. They can't go a day, or even an hour, without checking in for the latest gossip. If this sounds like you and you've had enough, the FB Rehab app is the answer.

If you're ready to face your Facebook addiction, the FB Rehab app will help you take control. We make it simple to limit your time on the popular social media site without having to quit 100%.

The FB Rehab app limits your time to two 10-minute sessions per day.

That's just enough time to check in on things without being sucked into negative conversations or wasting too much time that you'll later regret. You'll have 20 minutes total each day to visit the site, staying connected with friends and actually enjoying your time there instead of feeling obligated to visit or constantly comment on every post.

Purchase FB Rehab and gain back your valuable time so you can move on to what really matters.

Download FB Rehab today!