What does the FB Rehab app do? Who is it for?

The FB Rehab app is simple:  it's a tool to help you combat your addiction to Facebook. With FB Rehab, you get two 10-minute sessions per day so you can still stay connected and check in with friends. A handy timer always keeps track of your remaining time so you'll know just how long you have left.

The FB Rehab app has a referral feature, too. You can help friends, coworkers, and family members get their addiction to Facebook under control by making an anonymous referral. As a special bonus, you'll get a 5-minute session after you've suggested the app to a friend.

The idea for FB Rehab was born on a recent vacation. Instead of enjoying the tropical sun, spectacular views, and gorgeous beach, people were glued to their phones, updating statuses, posting pics, and replying to posts on their wall. They were missing out on the amazing environment around them and the company of their partner, and all because of their addiction to Facebook. Does that sound like something you've experienced, too?

Facebook rehab app screen shot

The FB Rehab app is perfect for:

  • Busy professionals who can't afford to waste valuable work time
  • Parents who want to limit their child's time on the social networking site
  • College students who are tired of vicious negative commentary or gossip
  • Those who suffer from Facebook Addiction Disorder
  • Anyone else who's had enough of being tethered to their phone or tablet!

Take control of your Facebook addiction with FB Rehab.

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